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Preschool in Klang

Big Apple Bandar Botanic is a kindergarten and preschool in Klang and it has been categorized as the premium preschool which has started its operation in May 2021. We are proud to have come on a long journey since 1993 to continue our quest to pursue our vision and mission; To Inspire and Nurture the Young Minds. In the past 27 years, Big Apple nursery & kindergarten has been providing superior educational experiences that address multiple aspects of growth for more than 40 000 graduates.  


To fulfil the demands of today’s families, our kindergarten in Klang provides a choice of programme options. These include a full-time and part- time programme for children and infants as well as preschool and pre-kindergartens, as well as several exciting programmes for enrichment, summer camp and holiday programme, which offer school children a wide selection of weekly summer interesting activities.

Picture19 1 Malaysia's No.1 E-Learning Platform
Picture20 1 Malaysia's No.1 E-Learning Platform

We believe that the best way to learn is through inquisitive play. We have a daily structure in place to expose students to a wide range of topics such as reading, writing, arithmetic, science, art, cooking, music, sports and social play. The syllabus is complete with a set of facilities for the students to learn beyond the classroom. Facilities such as library, little kitchen, e-learning, art studio, water play, gym room, music room and science lab are specially designed to offer excellent learning provisions for children in a warm nurturing environment.


Education is a collective duty. At our Klang playschool, we go out of our way to keep parents aware of their child’s progress and growth, as well as day-to-day classroom activities. Parental participation is both encouraged and expected. Diversity is valued and celebrated in all households. We have categorised selected activities for the students at our school in order for them to attain the age-appropriate goals set for them while keeping to the MOE rules (Ministry of Education).

Our vision is to inspire and nurture the young minds and our mission is to enhance and broaden our children’s perception of knowledge. It gives the opportunity to influence and shape children’s lives, to interact with children at any developmental level, to see them learn and grow and influence their lives. A team of teachers work together to provide students with superior education throughout physical or virtual online courses. We think that no child should be left behind, and that everyone should be fairly educated without barriers. Teachers always find new techniques to improve the education system of students occasionally.

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